The First Minister enjoying Glen Campbell

Above: The First Minister enjoying Glen Campbell’s contribution to the discussion

At today’s briefing, BBC Scotland’s Glen Campbell asked:

‘With Boris Johnson returning to work todaaay, are you an he as one in your approach to lifting lockdown or are there differences? And if the UK hits its 100 000 testing target later this week what will Scotland’s total contribution to that have been.’

No self-respecting politician is ever going to admit to being ‘at one’ with Johnson as, like Trump, he has blood on his hands resulting from his law of the jungle approach to saving the lives of the infirm and the elderly, so she didn’t.

As for the uber-Unionist question about testing, she also ignored his suggestion that somehow Scotland was testing to help a gang of schoolboys, sorry Tory Cabinet, hit a target made up by a PR man (Hancock) in a panicked response to media pressure.

As for the stupid framing of the question on targets, he must know it won’t happen. Despite mobilising the Army to ride to the rescue charging into old folk’s homes and causing heart attacks and strokes, only 29 000 had been achieved by Saturday, 71 000 short: