Fanatical Brian Wilson’s big lies cannot be erased from history

Scotsman today

Leaving aside the obvious daftness of thinking you’ve won the argument on Scottish independence because oil prices have dropped during an almost unique crisis caused by a virus, [Norway to seek domination by Sweden again after 100 years?] Wilson really shouldn’t be raising the issue of lies in 2014.

On September 6th 2014, Wings labelled him a liar after he, clearly worried about something coming, made up a big fib about the cost of posting letters to Ireland:

Earlier, on 7th February 2013, he had repeated the big fib that EU entry would be problematic for an independent Scotland.

Perhaps his biggest fib though, was when he argued that the Smith Commission had delivered on the promises made by Gordon Brown in his last ditch effort to avert defeat for the No campaign :

At the time, Peter A Bell put it better than I ever could:

Brian Wilson is, as I’m sure everyone knows, well out there on the deranged and deluded fringe of British nationalist fanaticism. So it is only to be expected that his rantings on the subject of the Smith Commission’s report and the response from those who are not so mindlessly devoted to the British state would have little to do with reality. While Wilson predictably rails against the SNP in characteristically bitter, bilious fashion, the herd of elephants in the room which his inane prejudice prevents him from seeing is the fact that Smith’s proposals don’t just fail to address – far less meet – the aspirations of the SNP and the wider independence movement, they don’t even come close to matching what was promised by the British parties and so comically “guaranteed” by Wilson’s fellow British nationalist, Gordon Brown.

2 thoughts on “Fanatical Brian Wilson’s big lies cannot be erased from history

  1. And this Brit Nat Ultra wants the public to fund anti-independence propaganda in colonial newspapers. We already have to fund the appalling BBC Scotland—though much of our licence fee goes south, to make culturally English programmes.
    Only self government will give us a “free press”.

    Scotland’s media—Scotland’s Shame!

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