From The Skwawkbox yesterday:

Bristol academic David Miller has noted that the 77th Brigade’s tactics include the use of fake social media profiles – a tactic that the Department of Health and Social Care has been accused of adopting to shore up public perception of the Tories’ performance in the pandemic.

The Tories have been using similar tactics to manipulate people for years via its ‘nudge unit’, starting with involuntary experimentation on benefit claimants exposed by the SKWAWKBOX seven years ago.

But the fact that they are now using military ‘psyops’ resources, created to conduct ‘non-lethal warfare’ by misleading and manipulating foreign enemies, on the people of the UK to push a message that they can’t even get straight themselves seems to have drawn little comment from the UK’s ‘mainstream’ press and broadcasters.

Readers will remember several reports suggesting the 77th Brigade had been active in Scottish constitutional affairs too.

Scottish National Party politician Douglas Chapman has claimed that 77th Brigade are “attacking and undermining” people in Scotland.

PROMINENT Scottish Labour parliamentary candidate and opponent of Jeremy Corbyn has been called on to explain her links to a “military propaganda unit” in the British Army.

Kate Watson, who was selected to fight the Glasgow East constituency in June 2018, is believed to be a member of the 77th Brigade, an army force that specialises in what it calls “special influence methods.”

As an organisation, the Brigade’s role is to develop analysis and detailed intelligence about domestic and international political situations.