From stewartb:

On 23 April, on the BBC News website, Brian Taylor, Political Editor of BBC Scotland wrote under the headline: “Coronavirus: Nicola Sturgeon abandons the pretence.”

Now that is negative, an accusatory, framing if ever I saw one!

Taylor writes: “Nicola Sturgeon has, to a large extent, abandoned the pretence. In all her remarkable pronouncements during this quite remarkable period, she has constantly stressed that she may have to change tack, that she is open to other ideas.”

So, the headline implies – does it not – that the FM was previously ‘pretending’ about (something) associated with Coronavirus (that’s ‘bad’) and now, finally, has abandoned her reprehensible practice.

But then at the same time Mr Taylor seems be arguing that throughout the crisis the FM has NOT been following this practice of ‘pretence’ (that’s ‘good’ is it not?), despite it being a practice typical of most politicians (he also tells us) who maintain a ‘pretence’ of certainty.

Do you think the headline writer (working for the public service broadcaster remember) when crafting this negative ‘frame’ by juxtaposition simply, innocently failed to understand the positive assessment of the FM’s approach to the crisis that Mr Taylor seems to be delivering? Aye right!