I suppose if your agenda is to undermine the SNP by somehow attributing covid-19 deaths to supposed errors by the Scottish Government, then you’re up against it. If the blame gets pinned on UK politicians, as it must, it’s going to be difficult to then blame the Scottish Government. You can’t do it yourself. It’d be too obvious. Readers would laugh. So, the only option might be to find some daft member of the public who writes in to defend the UK Government, the Union, and headline that. They did. It will be no use.

The UK Conservative party is surely going to get it. The clear link between their ideologically driven delay in lock-down, in ordering sufficient PPE and excess deaths is already being exposed and the tide of accusations from the newly centrist Labour Party and their old chums in the Guardian, the Times and BBC UK, cannot be fully stemmed.

The responsibility for the horrific level of death in care homes will also be laid firmly at the door of the private owners. To protect themselves, Tory politicians will not allow care home owners to blame Government errors. Even though often Tory donors, the care home owners will carry the can in England and this will fatally expose the weakness of any attempt by their Scottish equivalents to blame the Scottish Government. The Scottish MSM will do its best to make that happen by offering a platform for rants by care home owners and their Scottish Tory pals but, fatally wounded by the evidence from England, they will be unable to escape the public, informed by social media sources, drawing its own conclusions.

The criminal negligence in allowing major sporting events to go ahead once the risks were known will also be picked up by those media outlets not beholden to this right-wing of the Tory Party. Cheltenham may be the biggest but it will not be the only one.

Cheltenham was 10 days before the lock-down on March 10-13 and Liverpool vs Atletico Madrid was on 11 March.

The Scotland France Rugby was on 8 March and at the time we heard:

‘Scottish Rugby has taken advice from the Chief Medical Officer for Scotland and the Scottish Government but ultimately this decision to postpone rests with the rugby authorities.’

What was the advice from the CMO?

Scotland’s chief medical officer has insisted rugby fans were safe to attend this weekend’s Six Nations match against France as the number of coronavirus cases north of the Border doubled to six. Dr Catherine Calderwood said she had “very carefully” studied the scientific evidence and there was “very little impact on virus spread from mass gatherings.”


We now know how useful an advisor to the FM, the former CMO was.