Alister Jack borders on the ridiculous

Copyright Other 3rd Party

By stewartb:

I see Mr Jack getting a profile this morning for his ‘borders’ guff. I’d like to think only the most blinkered, unchangeable Unionist diehards believe this stuff now but I do wonder how aware folk are of realities elsewhere.

On Nordic Co-operation, just one insight:

“Led by Denmark’s Mogens Jensen, the Ministers for Nordic Co-operation met by video link on Wednesday to share information on their efforts to fight the spread of coronavirus.

Much of the discussion addressed the importance of co-ordinating measures to limit the negative impact on CROSS-BORDER COMMUTERS and trade between the Nordic countries.”

And then there is this on European co-operation at local levels across nation-state boundaries:

Brigitte Klinkert, head of the local government of the Haut-Rhin administrative district in France asked for help in responding to the pandemic from local politicians in Germany and Switzerland. Following their positive response she said this (cracking quote!):

“”Of course we work very closely together and are great friends with many connections, but this was an incredible demonstration of cross-border cooperation — of European solidarity. In more normal times, our regions are completely interconnected. It’s really emotional for us to see this chain of solidarity with Germany, Switzerland and the rest of France.”

Co-operation and solidarity across nation-state borders? Surely something not true here – Mr Jack and his Unionist associate Ian (‘mr solidarity’) Murray tell us we cannot have these AND independence!

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