I just knew it. That former nurse Jeane Freeman’s lack of experience in bean-counting means she has gone too far in trying to save lives. She means well.

Anyhow, here’s a sneak preview of tonight’s BBC Scotland Disclosure: ‘Does Scotland need a bit of English Cavalier Spirit to survive in the modern world?’

Jackson Carlaw: ‘Would you buy a car from that wee lassie in chage of the budget now?’

George Foulkes: ‘The SNP are saving lives and they’re doing it on purpose!’

Willie Rennie: ‘I know at least two old folk whose lives were not saved. What about them eh? Eh?’

Monica Lennon: ‘There are fewer empty intensive care beds in poorer areas. What will the minister do about this?’

Miles Briggs: ‘We Tories care more about people than money so I forgive the SNP. No wait…what do I think?’

Gordon Brown: ‘Gordon help…Gordon intervene…Gordon…..’

Boris Johnson: ‘Haw haw…SNP spaffing millions up the wall!’

Dominic Raab: ‘We’ll have those beds! Greater need and all that, what?’

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