We heard the story from Dr Macaskill CE of Care Scotland, in Radio Scotland’s Kaye Adams show at 09:40am and on Radio 4 News at 6pm.

We’d all love to have seen Kay’s face when he ‘fed the Nats’ on one of Her Majesty’s shows. Her hypocritically, pro-Indy logic was a shock when she asked him snippily, to paraphrase for comedic effect here:

‘Have you no got yer ain suppliers here in Scotland?’

Then we hear it again on the UK News at 10pm, but ‘Flagship’ TV News Reporting Scotland won’t touch this. Once more their bias by omission was revealed.

As for the newspapers, only the Daily Record and the Press & Journal seem to have covered this.

Footnote: When they refer to RS as their ‘flagship’ are they thinking of HMS Victory, Nelson and ‘England expects every Scotsman to do his duty’ or something like that?