Why does Scotland’s new way of counting deaths not cause BBC UK to ask the obvious question?

The news that the Scottish Government is now presenting a ‘truer picture’ of coronavirus deaths to include cases where the virus may have been a contributory factor and to recognise the loss of life in ‘community settings’ has been big news across the UK media.

BBC 1 News throughout the day, yesterday, gave it full attention but then, strangely to my mind, did not draw the obvious conclusion:

‘Should the UK Government not also be presenting a truer picture?’

Have I missed this somewhere?

At the very end of a Guardian article:

Comparable data for England and Wales from the Office for National Statistics shows a similar trend.

The latest figures indicate the number of Covid-19 related deaths registered was 70% higher than the official figure reported by the Department of Health and Social Care on 27 March.

On that date a total of 964 deaths were reported in England and Wales by the department; but the number of deaths that occurred to 27 March and were registered by 1 April was 1,639.


So, hospital coronavirus deaths are already running at around twice the rate of those in Scotland, but that hasn’t been news, and now the figure should be 70% higher and that’s still not news?

Is that because the BBC and even the ‘left’ media have pulled together with ‘the nation’ in the spirit of the Blitz, keeping quiet about the casualties and praying for the PM but those sensibilities don’t apply to Scotland?

3 thoughts on “Why does Scotland’s new way of counting deaths not cause BBC UK to ask the obvious question?”

  1. Two different Countries
    Two different Health systems
    Two different political philosopies
    Two different outcomes
    One Country failing
    One Country outperforming other
    One News media for both based in failing Country.
    Failing ruling class doesn’t give a monkey’s about anything but money, their money.
    Time for Indepedence for one Country and bloody revolution in other

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  2. From yesterdays numbers:

    Scotland within the UK:

    Share of Population

    Share of Tests

    Share of Infections

    Share of Deaths

    We (Scotland) are still above the ‘runaway pandemic line’ (above is good!) – where the number of days to double is at 4.3 days (3 days is the runaway pandemic line) – the bigger the number, the bigger the amount of time between doubling (exponential growth) and the better we are doing. This needs to be at about 30 days for nearly all restrictions to be lifted, so still a way to go.

    I do hope the Scottish government resists any UK call to end lock-down yet – we don’t have contact tracing procedures in place, and it needs to be properly planned for – average of 3 weeks for people to get very ill means we need at least another week – probably more – in lockdown. Even if I don’t think a lockdown the best response to the pandemic, it’s all we’ve got to control it at the moment, so it really needs enough time to have a good effect.

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