One of the few photographs rumoured to show the mysterious financial expert Manfred ‘Mann’ Stobartson, at the back, taken in 1965. ‘Mann’ was responsible for writing the Top 10 hit, ‘5, 4, 3, 2, 1’ inspired by his sophisticated grasp of mathematics.

In a FoI request published today, but not yet answered by the Scottish Government

The request:

Dear Scottish Government,

The following press release by The SNP :

“The figures show Scotland’s revenue is enough to cover all devolved spending as well as all spending on pensions and other social protection.”…

Is it the opinion of The Scottish Government (currently under SNP control), that the quote is factually correct?

Where is the data to substantiate the quote above?

Stobartson’s prediction:

My own conclusion and examination of GERS 2019 has what I think is source and supporting evidence for above statement located in the following:

table 1.1 Income
cell b35 = £62,708m

table 3.8 Expenditure
cell v25 = £44,717m (Scottish Government, LAs and Public Corporations)
cell aq22 = £18,022m (Social protection, Other UK Government)

cells aq5 to aq24 (minus aq22) expenditure excluded £12.699m .

£63bn income (minus) £63bn expenditure , as per the SNP press release!

Yours faithfully,

Manfred Stobartson