In classic tabloid journalese, remniscent of Reporting Scotland’s use in the pigeon poo scandal, Elle Duffy (?) employs the ‘after’ word to construct a link between the coronavirus pandemic and deaths in one care home:

‘More than a dozen residents at a Lanarkshire care home have died after a suspected COVID-19 outbreak. A total of 13 people at the Burlington Court care home in Stepps, North Lanarkshire, have died in the past seven days. Their families have been told the deaths could possibly be linked to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. None of the patients had been tested for Covid-19 as they were not admitted to hospital but their families have been informed of a possible association with the virus.’

That’s clear isn’t it? Nobody know anything. There’s been some gossip and someone has contacted the Herald.

We need to wait for the Procurator Fiscal’s report before we can say anything of legitimate public interest.

All this kind of reporting does is to scare the wits out those with loved ones in a care home. That’s not what the Herald used to be for.