This is one of ‘our’ occasional and not much read odd posts. Serious-minded readers should move on quickly and avert their eyes.

I’m not a twitcher but in my early years followed my grandad’s interest in the birds.

When I heard of the ‘row’ over naming another Glasgow hospital, a part of my brain, not often consulted, inserted the thought that nightingales are foreign to Scotland. The above line, I think, is on the money:

‘It’s a’ very gude but I wad na gie the wheeple of a whaup for a’ the nightingales that ever sang’


Readers are invited to name the whaup if they can.

While on the business of naming, I have joined the ‘row’ with these suggestions:

Glasgow Airport to be renamed after French war hero and Celtic footballer, ‘Charlie the Goal International Airport’.

‘Derry to be renamed Londonderry.’