Only Scotland’s media politicise death

BBC Scotland and the Herald with the First Minister associated every day but in the UK, England, Wales and Northern Ireland, no politician is ever pictured. Indeed, in England, there are no deaths to be mentioned, ever:

What about the Guardian, sworn enemy of the PM?

Or, the Telegraph, champion of ‘Boris’ in the election campaign?

Readers will remember that this is not new:

9 thoughts on “Only Scotland’s media politicise death

    1. It has been clear for a few days now that there has been a push in the msm, including the self-congratulatory Ch4 News to attack the SG. Almost all have run with the same storyline down to similarities in headlines and phrasings.

      I think there are two main reasons:
      1. to divert attention from the shambolic and uncertain performance of the UK Government;
      2. A reaction to recent opinion polls indicating that the SNP would win an overall majority on its own in the next Holyrood elections, which would produce an even greater majority for pro-independence when Green MSPs are taken into account. The same polls indicate far greater confidence in the First Minister than for the Prime Minister.


  1. Now you mention it… it seems obvious!

    Here is some good news:

    “Here’s a positive. Devi Sridhar, chair of Global Public Health at the University of Edinburgh and one of the sharpest critics of the UK Government’s response to The Coronavirus Crisis, is on the Scottish Government’s new advisory group after all (she had previously said she wasn’t). Sridhar has written in no uncertain terms about how contact tracing and testing is the only way to prevent the UK going in and out of lockdown repeatedly over the next 12 months or more. The WHO have made this point clear to Italy and Spain: their cases may be falling now, but without community tracing and testing there is not a safe route out of lockdown. If Sridhar and others can push the Scottish Government to do what should have happened across the UK from the start, there’s hope that the strategy could start moving in a sensible direction.”



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    1. Not sure given the link you attached I would entirely agree this is ‘good news’ especially as this whole sordid episode is likely to become more political as the Tory Party mishandling of this increasingly reaches the public domain I fear as night follows day Scotland will once again be on the ‘losing side which regretfully means more unnecessary deaths here. I sincerely hope not but it must surely tell us something of our ‘trusting’ nature and we should no longer allow ourselves to be dragged along by the UK Gov in anything. Collaboration is one thing but not in life or death situations particularly with a compliant media that will exploit any perceived weakness of the Scot Gov.


      1. Well, the Scottish government has been very compliant with the U.K. Gov’t – despite the little bits of alleged rebellion (how dare Nicola sturgeon announce X first!) – so far; possibly to avoid the bad press?

        It’s good news because they have a real live public health official in their advisory group who will advise the correct course from a health perspective – and yes, I do feel the seriousness of it because it is a life or death situation, and I will take a very dim view if the Scottish government takes a party political line and thinks bad press is more important than our lives. They may have also been told to toe the line on this too, who knows. We can only wait and see. There is little we can do, we are reliant on government for this. The contact tracing also doesn’t necessarily rely on extensive testing (and so doesn’t need to be reliant on uk supplying test kits) – but it would involve extensive quarantine for any contacts in that case, and it needs a lot of people working on it – but it would mean some of our economy, and so people’s livelihoods, could start getting back on track. This doesn’t need uk approval for the main part.

        Maybe a ‘glimmer of hope’ rather than ‘good news’ then?!


  2. Could the Herrod and Anything but Reporting Scotland be in cahoots, nah , they both have their own agendas to fulfill, although SNP just awful unites them both! .

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  3. Interesting thread from Ciaran at ch4 on Contact Tracing:

    So Scotland stopped contact tracing very early because the rest of the uk was going on to the ‘delay’ phase? That seems to be the reasoning given. Well, it’s too late to second-guess that decision, lets hope the Scottish Government now takes appropriate action to stop repeated lock-downs in future.

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  4. The last few weeks have brought into even sharper focus the contrast between BBC Scotland’s news reporting and how the Corporation chooses to report the news on the UK, England , NI and Wales. The evidence documented through comparative analysis by the TUSC is now compelling, irrefutable and damning.

    It’s like the bad old days when the former ‘Inform Scotland’ web site felt it necessary to state this:

    “This website acts as a gateway to some of the best articles on the topic of misreporting within BBC News Scotland. By using misrepresentation, omissions, errors of fact, failure to explain context, or fair comparisons – BBC News Scotland displays a consistent level of bias and a distinct lack of impartiality.”

    As we know, these ‘bad old days’ have never gone away. The BBC’s practices are ‘insidious’ but hopefully this is becoming clearer to many more people than ever before!

    And this awareness is CRUCIAL when we in Scotland makes choices about our future: BBC Scotland’s misreporting has in the past – and will in the future – extend far beyond health matters!


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