From Criminal Proceedings in Scotland 2018-19 published on 31st March:

The total number of people proceeded against in Scottish courts fell by 6% to 89,733 in the year to 2018-19, according to National Statistics published by Scotland’s Chief Statistician today. This is the same as the fall in the number of people convicted, down 6% to 78,503.

This continues the general downward trend of the last ten years. Falls in convictions for breach of the peace and common assault continued in 2018-19, down 13% and 12% respectively. There were also notable falls in the number of convictions for crimes against public justice (down 11%), dangerous and careless driving (down 18%), and drugs crimes (down 8%).

For some reason the murder rate is not in the above but it is 61 up 1 from 2017/18 and still pretty much constant for the last 7 years after falling from 100 in 2010/11:

For context:

Homicide Rates: In 2018/19, the homicide rate per million population in England and Wales was 11.4, in Scotland it was 11.0, and in Northern Ireland 13.8. Mar 2020

In England and Wales:

‘Overall levels of crime showed falls in recent decades, but have remained broadly stable in recent years. While in the last year there has been no change in overall levels of crime, this hides variation seen in individual crime types. The latest figures show a mixed picture, with continued rises in some types of theft, “bank and credit account fraud” and falls in “computer viruses”. There were also increases in some of the less frequently occurring but higher-harm types of violence, including offences involving knives or sharp instruments.’