With its ever-growing team of writers and feeders, the Talking-up Scotland Collective had a dramatic increase in both views and visitors in March 2020. 247 211 views represented an 84% increase on the 134 365 in February.

As before, many thanks to the several contributors and to those who post often extended comments, which have added so much to the debate here. Jürgen Habermas would be proud of us.

The 56 576 views for just one story – ‘Why are only Channel 4 and local newspapers reporting ‘Scotland’s unique way to treat virus?’ on the 28th played a disproportionate part in this story.

The most read reports were:

Remember that 22 364 views of the Home page will have included cases where readers did take in headlines and parts of reports even though they did not open the full version.

Geographical coverage was in imperial pink:

Not forgetting:

I’m reminded of the English pub-dweller interviewed on the TV about Brexit who said: ‘We ‘ad an empire. Why don’t we ‘ave the Empire back?’