BBC Scotland don’t tell you but thanks to NHS Scotland coronavirus mortality rate is steady at 3% and one of lowest in Europe

Image by Guy Hinks

As of 13.40 today, there have been 60 deaths from coronavirus up 13 from yesterday. 1 993 have tested positive up 430.

BBC Scotland have broadcast and posted the above. BBC 1 have also shared it with their viewers.

Neither have told you that the mortality rate in Scotland has held steady at around 3% for a week now or that the UK average mortality rate is around 6.3% and in Italy it is 11%. They did let a Glasgow anaesthetist allege repeatedly that Scotland was in danger of becoming like Italy because hand sanitisers were not well signposted.

8 thoughts on “BBC Scotland don’t tell you but thanks to NHS Scotland coronavirus mortality rate is steady at 3% and one of lowest in Europe”

  1. Starnge days we are living through, when Sky news can give a more accurate, and more detailed breakdown of national infection rates, intensive care occupancy and mortality. When I say “national” I mean the breakdown for each nation and the breakdown for the British State.

    The BBC has regressed into a Downing Street mouthpiece and human shield against scrutiny.
    Fox news in a Union Jack frock!

    And we have to pay for it.

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    1. You can though ditch the BBC, if you don’t watch their live programmes on any device, or thr catch up stuff…there are so many more interesting things to watch and read online, on Netflix if you have it, on free sites like Open Culture,, and others on Youtube, I also like National Library of Scotland, ‘moving image’, an archive of many great short films about Scotland to watch on their site, all under copyright of course.

      Ditch the BBC, EngGov’s propaganda platform, utterly disgraceful. You can’t be harassed by BBC & you can’t be locked up for ‘debt’ in Scotland, which of couse the BBC must hate, they can’t threaten imprisonment to people in Scotland like they can do in England.

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  2. If the mortality figures of 3% for Scotland and 6% for the rUK were reversed, somehow I don’t think the BBC would be quite as reticent as they are now.


  3. While I’m welcoming any good news on the control and stabilisation of the impact of the virus, isn’t a bit too early to conclude, without any qualification, that mortality rates are stable? We are not yet 2 weeks into the school closures and only 1 week into the shut down. We haven’t reached the period of 2 weeks after the initial surge of confirmed cases so I would take these statistics with a pinch of caution.


    1. I don’t think John is not concluding anything though, just stating facts as they are today. Yes we may see a bigger rise in Scotland very soon, I really hope not, but this article is calling out the BBC for scaremongering re the people of Scotland by not giving them all of the information they need and not stating all of the facts specific to their own country.

      To lump Scotland in with UK wide statistics is undermining Scotland’s government of choice, ie the SNP in their work on tackling this awful situation.

      We have a BBC who have pulled major news programmes specific to Scotland, that the people of Scotland pay for, why is that at this time when people need to know specifics about Scotland’s response and action on the pandemic impacting on the people of Scotland.

      We can be sure the BBC and other so called media outlets would be rubbing their hands together in glee if the mortality rate was higher in Scotland than in the rest of the UK. They are a disgrace.


  4. I wonder how many folk in Scotland had a really bad flu Oct/nov 2019 , it was a bad one , I know lots of us had it , was that a preliminary outbreak ??? Be interested to see how many of us 🤔

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