Back in January Ludo Thierry was able to report for us:

NHS Tayside not so ‘dysfunctional’ Lisa Summers as their A&E busts waiting time target to be best in UK

Today, stewartb updates us

And if BBC Scotland does surprise us all and report this – note to any of the BBC’s journalists/editors who visit the TUSC – then they should also feature A&E in NHS Tayside, that Health Board so often the target of negative features on Reporting Scotland.

Not only did Tayside achieve the 4 hour waiting time target for 97.5% of patients in A&E in the most recent figures, it has performed well into the 90’s in almost all months over the past c.2 years . So its recent stellar performance can’t be only due to a reduction in numbers coming to A&E.

It will of course be important to look out for – to get ‘perspective’ from – what happens in NHS England’s Type 1 A&E facilities both in terms of admissions and waiting time performance. I’m sure the TUSC will step into the media vacuum in Scotland and provide this public service role in due course!!

Ed: Some London hospital A&E departments cannot even hit 50% in 4 hours!