Yesterday’s Opinium poll based on fieldwork on 26th March, had the astonishing 55% support for the abominable PM as its headline but, deep in its innards, we see Con support in Scotland at 34%! This sub-poll of only 104 also has Labour and Lib Dems disappearing off the chart at only 8% and 3% respectively. SNP support is at 52%.

I find it hard to accept that 1 in 3 Scots are now Tories. Mind you, I live in South Ayrshire where I’d be happy with that!

Surely all Scots can see the awfulness of the Westminster Conservatives and make the obvious connection with their motley crew up here?

Wait, is this evidence of the success of BBC Scotland and their feeders in concealing the above from Scottish viewers and readers? Lots of folk know little of party politics. Do they think the Scottish Tories are different?

Let’s hope the larger Panelbase poll on Sunday putting the Tories at only 26% was closer to the mark.