Another poll and still no sign that Salmondgate has had any negative effect on SNP support

I await the the precise figure for the Scottish sub-sample, but 4% from the UK poll tends to mean at least 40% and sometimes a bit more in the Scottsih sub-samp[le. For nine polls in a row now, SNP support has been rock-solid in the 43% to 52% range.

Readers will remember that supposed Independence-supporter Iain Macwhirter at the Herald predicted this trial would ‘split the SNP from top to bottom.’

Now, he might be correct about the ‘top’ as in the party leadership but among the mass of members and voters ‘at the bottom’, they have their eyes fixed firmly on something far greater than one man’s fortunes.

4 thoughts on “Another poll and still no sign that Salmondgate has had any negative effect on SNP support

  1. But not one mans innocence on trumped up charges. Unless the present leadership gut the wrongdoers in the party I will always vorte YES but never vote SNP again.


  2. How much attention does the public take to these “exceptional” events? Labour has had a fracture ever since the time of Gaitskill—low level, but Tony Benn and Corbyn brought it to the surface.
    Tories? Three decades of animosity/strife/renegade action over the EU. Major, Cameron, May–all bit the dust.

    I like Salmond. I like Sturgeon. My problem isn’t their dispute, as I think a good going rammy isn’t the worst thing in the world for any ATTENTION-SEEKING outfit, like a political party!
    My problem is the lack of younger, outspoken trouble makers on the way up—like Salmond was. People who can excite, annoy, articulate the cause and gain the interest of people–not simply follow and applaud.

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