Herald’s Tom Gordonstoun attacked for sookin’ up to Prince Charles

Once again, we’ve had to sort out the Herald headline before they lose any more readers.

Their Royal Correspondent, Tom Gordonstoun (good eh?) was going to accuse a former SNP MSP of something disloyal. I forget what.

Does the Herald have some kind of collective death wish?

3 thoughts on “Herald’s Tom Gordonstoun attacked for sookin’ up to Prince Charles

    1. John, your quip deserves a plaudits Oscar, and if I had the power, you would be up on stage giving it laldie, making an acceptance speech—thanking your Grannie/Mither/the dug “who made it all possible”, and thinking “I wish I was anywhere but here”. Take a bow, john.

      Personally, I would have started it “Uncle Tam Gordonstoun”………………………………..


  1. I see that the Herrod online has a new health ‘expert’ – former Rangers footballer, Marco Negri! Remember, after half a season when he was scoring goals at an amazing rate, he became rapidly disenchanted with his team-mates and the club – so much so that he was not even celebrating scoring nor receiving many plaudits from his teammates – he left for Italy and sat out the rest of his contract.

    Also going big on the “Salmond is an insecure creep” story.


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