Tom Gordonstoun again, at his his best, which is of course quite creepy too:

‘ONE of Alex Salmond’s defence witnesses at his recent trial has described him as an insecure “creep”. Alex Bell, who was a special adviser to the former First Minister, said Mr Salmond had been cleared of sexual assault charges by effectively arguing “I’m sleazy, but not criminal”.’

This is from the man who wrote that the SNP politicians were ”Thatcher’s children to a person‘ and ‘Everyone gets prizes in Scotland, while the NHS crumbles, education declines and the poor get little.’

Bell’s comments and Gordonstoun’s reporting of them are Daily Mail standard.

Why are the speech marks just around ‘creep?’ Who said he was insecure?

When did Salmond self-describe as ‘sleazy’? He said he was ‘no angel.’ Me neither. Is that really the same as ‘sleazy?’ Of course not. It’s tabloid dirty thoughts….oooh nurse!