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I’m reminded of something I heard yesterday – they said (the radio, at some point during the day) that they are investigating the viability of using the BCG vaccine as a way to help protect against the worst effects of Covid-19 – so I’ve just remembered to have a quick investigation because ..

(a) I remember getting the BCG at school (and ouch it was sore, we all have the scars)
(b) I didn’t realise it wasn’t a thing any more! (to have everyone vaccinated in school)

[Ed: I got it too in 1956? They used a needle normally used for horses?]

BCG is a vaccine for protection against TB, but apparently evidence says it helps protect against viral infections of the respiratory tract:

“VPM1002 is based on a vaccine called BCG, which was developed at the beginning of the 20th century. Studies on mice show that the BCG vaccine can protect not only against tuberculosis but also against viral infections of the respiratory tract. Accordingly, mice suffering from influenza have fewer influenza A viruses in their blood if they had previously been vaccinated with BCG. The animals thus showed less damage to the lungs.

According to further studies, vaccination with BCG also increases the animals’ resistance to other viruses (e.g. herpes type 1 and 2). Apparently, a vaccination with BCG also activates the immune system against a viral infection. In this way, the vaccine reduces the risk of severe disease progression and thus lowers the death rate.”

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There are trials on-going. Lets hope we have lots of medication soon!