Herald headline writer blasted!

Once again we’ve had to redo a Herald headline. They were going with:

‘Coronavirus in Scotland: Health Secretary blasts SNP colleague for ignoring distancing rules’

But when you see the tweet, below, it kinda looks stupid:

Did they think ‘blasted’ might get more clicks?

7 thoughts on “Herald headline writer blasted!”

  1. “Herald headline writer”.

    *Salmond acquitted—–hahahaha*! Says the Banner headline……………….Nope, somehow don’t think so!

    The “Scottish” media will be spinning like mad, now that the “SNP day of doom” has come and gone without their predicted bloodbath.
    They have been licking their collective chops, and sharpening pencils, for months, and will now find their day of glee has gone from supercilious to bilious in one short sentence from the jury—not guilty, M’lud!

    Just when you wonder if Jaikie Carlot could get any more red-faced, or Wee Wullie could get any more miserable—this sh*t happens!

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      1. Ah, the dangers of text-only communication, with little context.
        Mind you, firm words from a strict mummy can also feel like a kick in the nuts sometimes, if administered correctly.


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