The First Minister in the Scottish Government of 2008 which banned outsourced cleaning and catering in Scottish hospitals: How many lives were saved?

With a sample now of nearly 4 000 hospitalised cases of coronavirus infection, there is clear evidence of a dramatic gap in the mortality rate between NHS Scotland [18 per 1000] and NHS England [54 per 1 000]. On average, patients in one NHS are 3 TIMES more likely to die than they are in another. Figures here:

Last year the death rate of Scottish drug addicts was headlined repeatedly in a feeding frenzy of media coverage and political accusations. The gap was the same. Scottish drug addicts were dying at 3 TIMES the rate.

Why is one of these newsworthy and the other not?

BBC UK and the major newspapers should be on this and asking questions. People have a right to know.

What could be causing this gap in performance? Well, we all know that, regardless of Johnson’s tasteless attempt to make hay with death in NHS Scotland’s supposed ‘resilience ‘ problems, NHS Scotland performs better across a range of criteria. It seems likely in a complex situation like that the explanation for the gap will be complex too.

NHS Scotland has much faster A&E times, more staff per head of population, better morale, better patient satisfaction and greater coherence as a result of a respectful consultative government, but one other factor may turn out to be very important and there’s research evidence that it may well be.

In 2008, the incoming SNP Government in Edinburgh banned private contractors from servicing Scottish NHS hospitals.

There have been regular recent signs of problems with outsourced catering and cleaning in England:

Sandwich listeria:

NO Norovirus here:

From the BBC in December 2019:

Hospitals in England closed more than 1,100 beds in the past week because of the winter vomiting bug norovirus. Data shows higher than average levels of norovirus in November. One of the most common stomach bugs in the UK, it can be spread very easily in the community.

In the 19th paragraph:

Wales and Northern Ireland have also seen an increase in vomiting and diarrhoea or flu-like illnesses over the last few weeks, particularly in schools and care homes.

In the 23rd and last paragraph:

In Scotland, there has been no increase in norovirus cases in hospitals so far this winter.’


4 YEARS AGO, the warnings were there when the University of Oxford published this:

‘NHS hospitals that outsource cleaning ‘linked with higher rates of MRSA’. New research shows that NHS hospitals that employ private cleaners are associated with a higher incidence of MRSA, a ‘superbug’ that causes life-threatening infection and has previously been linked with a lack of cleanliness.’

There was no MSM coverage of this.