In Euronews at 13.44pm yesterday:

‘The United Kingdom has one of the highest coronavirus death rates in the world, latest data reveals. It has reported 104 deaths and 2,626 total cases of COVID-19 up to 17 March, meaning a fatality rate of around 40 per 1,000 infections – similar to China’s. When compared to all countries that have reported more than 1,000 cases, it is the third highest in Europe and the fifth highest overall.’

At the same time, the NHS Scotland fatality rate was only 13 per 1 000 infections, less than a third of the UK rate.

However, the Scottish rate, today, has risen to 6 in 266 cases or 22 per 1 000 infections, just over half the UK figure. The UK rate has climbed slightly to 41 per 1 000 today.

Serious questions must be asked about the record of the Conservative and Unionist Party in managing NHS England over more than a decade.