Here’s what Misreporting Scotland had to say:

‘Reports claiming joining the EU could take four or five years for an independent Scotland if procedures were carried out at the fastest pace. The Scottish Centre on European Relations said it was hard to argue that an independent Scotland would be unlikely to succeed in rejoining with more than four decades of membership of the EU as part of the UK but Holyrood ministers were warned the country might have to rejoin the Common Fisheries policy.’

It was a popular line:

First, there is nowhere in the SCER report the above warning to ministers or to anyone else that Scotland might have to join the Common Fisheries Policy. That’s an insert from minds of a Unionist bent either in Pacific Quay or among the opposition politicians they contacted for an unattributed comment.

Second, here’s how the report words the timescale issue:

Negotiations could be relatively speedy (possibly in the region of 4-5 years).

Has any pro-Independence supporter argued that it could be done quicker? What’s wrong with 4 to 5 years? Look how long it is taking to leave. 4-5 years would be normal is not newsworthy unless you want to present it as so long ‘why don’t we just give up on that?’