As the UK death rate climbed to 55 from 35 only yesterday, the MSM seems quiet. With only 1 death in Scotland so far, the UK mortality rate is 4.5 times higher per capita. Even more concerning, with the rate in Scotland 1 in 171, the UK mortality rate for those hospitalised has worsened from 1 in 39 yesterday to 1 in 28 today, 6 times worse.

From Muscleguy

It seems to me a pity we can’t close the border and deny entry of planes, trains and automobiles from contagion rife England. That might concentrate minds: egad! it might not be over by the Glorious 12th!

The strategy of asking over 70s to isolate themselves so they don’t catch Covid-19 assumes it won’t go on to circulate in the population which seems to me as a Biomedical scientist the most probable outcome from current lukewarm Wastemonster response.

So when the elderly come out of isolation they will just get infected en mass as naive to it while the rest of the population have some immunity from having had it but will still be spreading it.

Chances are, like other coronaviruses which cause the common cold, Covid-19 will circulate and mutate and come back seasonally and will likely moderate its severity.

I was ill from Fri to Sun but my symptoms were not consistent so I await my infection with interest. Will being fit and healthy mean I’m okay or will my mild (up here in Dundee) asthma make it hard for me. I’m a runner so my blood has a good carrying capacity for oxygen so unless I get secondary pneumonia I should be alright.

Pneumonia is a risk for me every winter as I cannot have flu vaxes since a nasty allergic reaction to one over a decade ago. I dodged it last year by managing to get a really good night’s sleep which meant my resolve to go to the GP was not actioned.