I nearly missed this! Martin James Keatings has started a petition to go along with the people’s court action (to rule on competence of Scottish govt to hold an independence referendum) which will be ready in just over a week :

The purpose of this is to show everyone that this is not about one party, nor one campaign, nor one individual, but a matter which is of huge concern to the entirety of the population of Scotland and we expect elected representatives to back our right to ask such questions.

He says it is to be presented to the court of session, and both parliaments to show it is the popular choice etc.

I’ve seen a rumour that the SNP want to prevent SNP MPs standing in the Holyrood elections, if this is true we can’t rely on the likes of Joanna Cherry to be here pushing for a referendum next year. We were promised a referendum this year anyway – can we push the Scottish government into doing it?

Please sign: