By Legerwood

Carbon Capture and Sequestration. How many times have we heard about money for such projects that never come to anything.

Longannet anyone? Pilot project, money available to take it full scale but in 2007 SNP win the election and Gordon Brown does not release the money – did not want to hand a ‘victory’ to the SNP. 2010 Coalition takes over at Westminster and Chris Huhne, Energy Minister pulls plug on CCS. He says we can buy in the technology. Longannet eventually closes. Other sites mentioned – Peterhead – does not come to anything.

2014 Boundary Dam coalfired power station in Canada goes ‘live’ as a CCS system

Just what exactly are these CCS hubs going to be doing? A man interviewed on CH4 news tonight seemed to say, if I heard correctly, that they would be research centres – the first in the World. Really, I think not. Go talk to Statoil as was about that.

Just about every item they headlined in this budget when you look behind the headline you find all the caveats and timescales eg £5 billion for flood defences … over 6 years. Less than a billion pounds per year.