Using the BBC Reporting Scotland editorial guidelines on the use of single sources, we are in a position to suggest that all is well right across the country based on one example. Readers will remember that one or two cases of mortality not due to staff errors have been used to condemn whole hospitals and to enable opposition politicians to call for heads to roll. Clearly the same must go for good news. See this passed on by our Glasgow Health Correspondent, Brian:

Dialysis patient sings praises of Vale team

A dialysis patient from Alexandria who was born with just one kidney, is singing the praises of the Vale Dialysis Team, five years on from first needing their help.

Fiona Phillips (48) only discovered she only had one kidney when she took dangerously ill five years ago and was rushed to the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Paisley.

She said: “I have had some health issues with my hip, pelvis and spine, which were picked up when I was three, but little did I know I was born with only one kidney!

“I was rushed to the RAH when my only kidney failed and my family was told to prepare for the worst. The care I got was exceptional, but due to the damage I have been on dialysis ever since.”

Fiona now receives dialysis at the Vale’s dedicated unit every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Ed: Readers will be pleased to hear that over the decade of SNP Government, 2008-2017, NHS Scotland has increased the one-year survival rate for patients from 81.8% to 86.8%.