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Ludo Thierry

A very rapid rush through the various beeb pages offers some interesting (and some puzzling) info re. Johnson’s budget impacts on Scotland. Links and snippets below;

The beeb politics page talks about a Scottish site being included in the Carbon Capture and Storage project – see below:

An extra £640m for Scotland, £360m for Wales, and £210m for Northern Ireland.

Treasury to open new offices in Wales and Scotland and civil service hub in the North of England, employing 750 staff

£800m for two carbon capture and storage clusters, creating 6,000 new jobs in Teesside, Humberside, Merseyside and Scotland

Stamp duty surcharge for foreign buyers of UK properties to be levied at 2% from April 2021

The beeb science correspondent rather more equivocal regarding inclusion of a Scottish site in the CCS project – see below:

Two carbon capture clusters will be funded for up to £800m in the north of England and possibly Scotland,

The beeb Scotland page identifies this info:

Other spending commitments in the Budget which specifically affect Scotland include:

£1m promotional campaign to promote the Scottish food and drink sector

£10m over three years to help distilleries “go green”

Increase 4G coverage in Scotland from 42% to 74%

£5m for trials of 5G mobile networks in Scotland

Some of this info needs clarifying as bits seem to ‘overlap’ reserved and devolution settlement responsibilities.

Confess I’m interested (but puzzled) at the Treasury office being opened in Scotland (and Wales) – need to see more detail of what’s involved.

Beeb also describe a ‘UK’ special 2% stamp duty surcharge for ‘foreign’ nationals purchasing ‘UK’ properties – I was under impression that ‘stamp duty’ was devolution settlement territory (LBTT in Scotland) so maybe just beeb using ‘UK’ out of habit – need more info:

The food/drink promo spend of £!M sounds, on initial consideration like a direct win from the National’s fierce and focussed campaigning – so well done there.

The distilleries ‘going green’ funding – if coming from a ‘UK’ budget is fine by me – leaves more in Scottish budget for similar schemes in other industries – but sounds curious – more info required, methinks.