As Herald hunts former First Minister leading academic tells them to self-isolate or we’ll do it for them

The Herald has a taste for SNP blood, headlining Mark McDonald only two days ago and pushing daily the notion of an SNP civil war. To be fair, this pales in comparison with the piece associating Salmond with serial killers and the day, 6th February, when they posted ELEVEN stories on Derek Mackay!

Today as Coronavirus events dominate everywhere, we see above their agenda. Even BBC Scotland has sensed the public mood:

And the Scotsman, dare I say it, has at least adopted a less salacious more professional approach to headlining:

Can we ask the Herald to self-isolate or must we do it for them?

5 thoughts on “As Herald hunts former First Minister leading academic tells them to self-isolate or we’ll do it for them

  1. I did it for them a long time ago, but I would say anyone still reading it, and not in Tory HQ, should leave it on the shelf.


    1. Brian

      Anyone still reading the Herald and not in Tory HQ should see their GP.

      I avoided linking it with Coronavirus due to reasons of taste.


  2. Haven’t bought/read the The Herald for years. Ditto the Scotsman. Will continue boycott until independence is achieved. Then I might buy one for a laugh.

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  3. On the topic of self-isolation (in relation to coronavirus), I’d like to point out that the government in Iceland has said anyone with symptoms who self-isolates will be paid their normal salary. A decent sensible govrnment unlike the UK one which may well be forcing peple to continue working, even with symptoms, as they have no right to any sick pay.

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  4. People living in Italy can get a criminal record if they drive outwith their town.
    Is there anything stopping them from jumping on to a plane to the UK, where they will be free to travel about unhindered?


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