Scotland’s interest in the management of fish quotas

Ludo Thierry

This looks promising – The SNP Scottish Govt are trying to ensure the new fishing quota systems that Brexit will require a far stronger Scottish Public Interest requirement (eg sustainability criteria) – rather than quota simply being divvied up by the (historical accident) Producer Organisations. Link and snippet from below:

Management of fish quotas

New arrangements for managing quotas are being trialled in Scotland’s fisheries.

The project, which will run until the end of 2021, will see the establishment of new legal entities called Quota Management Groups. These organisations, which will have to be based in Scotland and administer Scottish registered vessels, will be given responsibility for allocating quotas in a sustainable way within their group of boats.

Currently, responsibility for managing quotas rests with Fisheries Producer Organisations. The Quota Management Groups will operate alongside them until the end of 2021, at which point a full evaluation will take place.

Fisheries Secretary Fergus Ewing said:

“We are constantly looking at how we can manage our fishery resources in the most efficient and sustainable way.

“Quota Management Groups will have to operate in line with Scottish Government objectives and demonstrate that they have the expertise, systems and processes in place to manage quotas effectively and sustainably on behalf of their vessels.

“By working closely with Marine Scotland, the Quota Management Groups will potentially increase the understanding of our sea fisheries sector. Our hope is that the trial will bring benefits to Scottish coastal communities and inform future policy.”

One thought on “Scotland’s interest in the management of fish quotas

  1. A little bit of further info on the new Quota management Groups (QMGs) being trialled. Link and snippet below:

    QMGs will sit alongside POs (Producer Organisations), and will have specific objectives and criteria.

    Marine Scotland’s aims for the trial are to:

    • Help inform future policy around sectoral quota management as part of our Future Fisheries Management initiative.

    • Gain insight into the benefit returned to Scottish communities by QMGs/sectoral groups.

    • Gain a greater understanding of the utilisation of quota, a national asset, by private bodies.

    • Establish whether private bodies outside of the PO structure can manage quota effectively, and in line with Scottish Government objectives.

    QMGs will need to demonstrate how they align with Scottish Government objectives for the management of sea fisheries, specifically how they:

    • Optimise annual quota opportunities across Scotland’s fish stocks.

    • Optimise the sustainable harvesting of wild fish.

    • Support Scottish communities where fishing is a viable career option and value is added throughout the supply chain maximising the contribution fisheries makes to Scotland.


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