As the non-fatal infections not due to pigeons return to feature in a renewed campaign by the opposition parties, BBC Scotland, the Herald and other hangers-on, it’s worth repeating this from March.

If you want to see scandals, real scandals and many of them, you must look south, to the work of health boards responsible to Westminster.

The idea that what has happened, actually not happened, in Scotland compares to these horrors is risible:

St Andrew’s Healthcare in Northamptonshire based on an inspection between 17th and 18th December 2019, reported as inadequate, unsafe:

The emergency services at King’s College Hospital in London were inspected in November 2019 and the report appeared last week. They were found to be unsafe. The inspectors found:

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Orpington’s Princess Royal Hospital was inspected in November 2019 and reported last week as inadequate unsafe:

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North Midlands Trust only looks better by contrast with the inadequacy above but, in Scotland this would lead to calls for heads to roll.

East Kent NHS Trust: An independent review will be held into maternity services at the East Kent NHS Trust after up to 15 babies died there in recent years. Nadine Dorries, minister for patient safety, pledged immediate action and said NHS England would investigate the two hospitals in Margate and Ashford.

Hospital mortality rate higher than expected in 8 NHS England trusts

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Patient safety is frequently at risk in NHS hospital trusts in England, with 70% of them failing to meet national safety standards, according to an Observer analysis of inspection reports, with staff shortages the biggest problem.

Urgent enforcement powers’ used to protect patients in Worcester Royal HospitalA review of data for each month in 2019 suggested limited overall improvement, suggesting staff had normalised the use of the corridor as compared to the use of the corridor only being reserved for times of significant surge.

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The sheer injustice and cruelty meted out on Stafford Hospital’s wards

Concerns 150 deaths were not properly investigated by Liverpool Community Health

Neglect & serious failures by South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust: