BBC England accused of pro-Tory bias as infected patients not segregated from other patients by untrained Essex hospital staff!

BBC Scotland’s Propaganda Team have offered the above image as a free introductory sample, worth £1 500, to the UK Labour Party/NHS coalition as they struggle to weaken the Conservatives. It shows how the party of government can be undermined with attacks on the NHS. The Scottish team have long experience of this approach.

In a relatively positive report compared to others shown here, featuring red warning signs, Southend University Hospital has, in the detail some scary sentences.

Updated 6 March 2020

Our rating of safe stayed the same. We took into account the ratings of services not inspected this time. We rated it as requires improvement because:

  • Four core services were rated as requires improvement and one was rated good.
  • Not all staff had completed the required mandatory training in key skills and had not met the trust’s compliance for a number of modules. Staff had difficulty accessing life support training, due to courses available and staffing vacancy.
  • Not all staff had received safeguarding training to the required national level. Although staff we spoke with did know how to recognise and report abuse.
  • Not all core services controlled infection risk well we observed high risk patients not being appropriately segregated from other patients to prevent the spread of infection.
  • Environments were not always maintained and in working order. We escalated concerns regarding call bells in the urgent and emergency department and toilet facilities that needed repair in outpatients.
  • We found several areas where staff were not always fully completing risk assessments in line with national guidance. Record keeping varied, improvements were required in a number of core services.
  • Nursing and medical staffing was a generic issue across all core services, although this was mitigated with the use of bank and agency staff to keep patients safe. The services were actively recruiting staff from overseas.
  • Fridges that stored medicines required temperature checks, however the recording and escalation of out of range temperatures was inconsistent.
  • We did not observe all services displaying safety thermometer data to share with staff, patients and visitors.

Once more, imagine Reporting Scotland’s heal;th correspondent’s delight faced wioth this.

9 thoughts on “BBC England accused of pro-Tory bias as infected patients not segregated from other patients by untrained Essex hospital staff!

  1. Off the present topic, but I wonder if you can provide me with some ammo to counteract the following points with a unionist I am interacting with on FB?
    Here goes.
    “UK are not responsible for the decline in Scottish education, or the purchase of Prestwick airport, or the nationalisation of Ferguson’s shipyards to build two badly designed ferries. Which seems to exist as a fantasy at a nonsensical cost. And a whole bunch of SNP Mps in Westminster who have done or said nothing meaningful in Parliament to improve things for the electorate than to simply demand another referendum.
    Who lack due diligence when it comes to building and running hospitals? And you think it’s Westminster “plundering” Scotland?


    1. Hi David. Hope this helps:
      “UK are not responsible for the decline in Scottish education,
      The ‘decline’ is a myth. The blog has lots of evidence but here are just three:
      • 95.9% of Scottish school leavers gained one pass or more at SCQF Level 4 (e.g. National 4) or better, (a decrease from 96.2% in 2017-18);
      Only 63% of pupils in England leave with any ‘proper’ qualifications.
      A breakdown of English GCSE results issued by the Department for Education (DfE) showed the gap between disadvantaged pupils and others increased for the second year in a row.
      In Scotland the gap between those from the most and least deprived areas achieving a pass at Higher Level or better is now at a record low, reducing for the eighth successive year.’
      The purchase of Prestwick airport
      Jobs were saved, vital part of Scotland’s infrastructure, and defence facility, only fog-free airport in UK, preserved.

      The nationalisation of Ferguson’s shipyards to build two badly designed ferries. Which seems to exist as a fantasy at a nonsensical cost.
      Another media myth. Calmac wanted the design based on LNG because that is the future.

      SNP Mps in Westminster who have done or said nothing meaningful in Parliament to improve things for the electorate than to simply demand another referendum.
      That’s exactly what we sent them there for. It’s what the SNP is for.

      Who lack due diligence when it comes to building and running hospitals?
      Hospitals are neither built nor run by governments. There have been massive delays and cost overruns in for example Liverpool and Midlands hospitals, but the English media blame the contractors or the boards.
      As for health scandals in these hospitals. Nothing in any Scottish hospitals compares with the crises across NHS England. There are far too many examples to list here so look at this:

      Westminster “plundering” Scotland?
      It has for decades if not centuries. See:
      It becomes clear that we are only better together if you believe that London is entitled to the lion’s share of Scotland’s wealth. The Jimmy Reid Foundation, a new and increasingly well-respected think-tank, published a report in June 2013 demonstrating this wealth drain and the resulting under-performance of Scotland’s economy. It highlighted that Scotland’s economy would be 25% larger than it is today in the absence of the historic and present union wealth drain. It is an accepted fact that every year for 30 years Scotland has generated more tax revenue per head for the UK treasury than the rest of the UK. The latest figures taken from the Government Expenditure and Revenue Report Scotland (GERS) state that Scotland generated £800 more in tax per person than the UK average. Scotland would have been £8.3 billion better off than the UK over the past 5 years.

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    2. David, I’m sure you’ll find the info from John both ‘sound’ and useful. I’d like to take advantage of you raising the challenge you are facing on FB to make some wider, generic comments on the challenge that we all face in countering Unionist arguments successfully. I hope you find this of interest and value.


      (With acknowledgement to the online ‘Urban Dictionary’ for this colourful definition of the term ‘Gish Gallop’.)

      “Named for the debate tactic created by creationist shill Duane Gish, a Gish Gallop involves spewing so much bullshit in such a short span that your opponent can’t address let alone counter all of it. To make matters worse a Gish Gallop will often have one or more ‘talking points’ that has a tiny core of truth to it, making the person rebutting it spend even more time debunking it in order to explain that, yes, it’s not totally false but the Galloper is distorting/misusing/misstating the actual situation.”


      Refutation in political debate is far from straightforward. See this from Professor Martin G. Evans, an organisational psychologist at the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management, in an article in the Boston Globe (14 August 2014 – ).

      As this source explains, it has been claimed that “ …. when disputants argue things out in the marketplace of ideas, lies will be exposed.” However, Evans disputes this.

      “Unfortunately, it is not as simple as that. The lie itself usually opens up a new arena for discussion and, by being first on the ground, sets up the mental frame for the argumentation to come.

      Therefore, those wishing to refute a political lie have a two-part task: (1) they must convincingly articulate the truth, and (2) they have to replace the existing frame of discussion with a more accurate one. Those tasks are very difficult to accomplish.”


      Evans (and others) argues that the mental frame the lie establishes is used to channel the information we receive. Information consistent with the frame is easily assimilated in our minds. Information that is inconsistent with the frame tends to be ignored or distorted into being consistent.

      (This why the it is so crucial to recognise and challenge the prevailing, repetitive negative framing about Scotland and our public services by pro-Unionist media and by the public service broadcaster. I have discussed the important matters of ‘negativity bias’ and ‘bias by omission in a prior post:


      Evans adds: “Counter-speech is at a major disadvantage here; the …. politician who gets the lie in first has the higher ground. This advantage for the lying party is enhanced by repetition. Repeating the lie time and again strengthens the network of nerve associations (the neurological substrate) underlying the frame in the minds of listeners and readers, making the lie more difficult to refute.”


      More from Evans’ article set in his article in the context of debate between opposing election candidates but of wider relevance: “Paradoxically, …. when the candidate denies the lies, the same frame is invoked and once again the neurological substrate is strengthened. For effective counter-speech, the candidate must escape from the original frame. How? Well, for example, he could speak about all the good things he has done for his constituents and the people ..… By talking this route, there is a good chance that he can supplant the old negative frame with a new, more positive frame.”

      For more on ‘framing’ and importantly ‘reframing’ see important articles on the topic published by iScot Magazine ( )

      Finally, Professor Evans argues: “Cognitive science has much to teach us in the political arena. By increasing awareness of these tendencies, we can perhaps help inoculate the public against succumbing to these harmful distortions. But we also need to discourage the repetition of obvious lies.”


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