In the Herald today, from Tom Gordon:

‘NICOLA Sturgeon’s claim to have a renewed mandate for an independence referendum is based on a “warped” result for the SNP in the general election, according to a new study. The Electoral Reform Society (ERS) said Scotland produced the “most disproportionate” result of any part of the UK because the SNP’s share of MPs so far outweighed its share of the vote.’

Readers won’t be surprised to know that this study from the ERS, which only has a wee bit on Scotland in it, uses the phrase ‘most disproportionate’, reserves ‘warped’ for Westminster and ‘Northern Ireland’, does not use ‘starkly’ anywhere and reserves the only reference to ‘stark’ for Westminster again:

More important, however, is Gordon’s warping of the First Minister’s words and of the wider justification for Indyref2. Here’s what she said:

As this document [Scotland’s Right to Choose: Putting Scotland’s Future in Scotland’s Hands] lays out, the Scottish Government has a clear democratic mandate to offer people a choice on that future in an independence referendum, and the UK Government has a democratic duty to recognise that. Last week’s general election has only strengthened that mandate.’

We all know, as does Gordon, that the mandate derives from a much more extensive rationale based on support across the Scottish Parliament, the clear betrayal of Scotland after 2014’s promises, opinion polls suggesting at least 50% of Scots actually want independence and, notably,given the ERS preference for a more representative, proportional system, SNP support in both the FPTP and PR elements of the Scottish system.