While STV and Scottish Business Insider were able to give the Scottish Serious Crime Task-force the credit for saving £13 million from fraudsters and the UK National Crime Agency headlined their success in taking 60 guns off Scotland’s streets, BBC Reporting Scotland did a word-crime on what was really good news, saying:

‘New figures reveal there are one hundred and twelve organised crime groups operating in Scotland but fewer than at any time in the past five years. A report by the Scottish Government’s Serious Organised Crime Task force says that although the number of gang members is down around 30%, the criminal groups are widening their scope. They’re not just dealing drugs they’re also targeting vulnerable bank customers.’

Leaving aside the decision to ignore the press release headline, used by STV, regarding the £13 million saved and to headline the number of gangs before the scale of the reduction, the last sentence is fiction. Nowhere does the report use these words nor does it suggest any ‘widening of scope’ in organised crime. There is nothing in this report to suggest that targeting vulnerable bank customers is a new and worrying trend. Indeed the report is telling us just how much the Task-force has saved for these same folk.


I might put a complaint in. It’s been some time.