Why can’t I have a whisky before I walk the dog? She wants one too. She does. She told me.

Some like it hot! I really do but I’m getting worried about whether I can cope with the flow.

We’re getting more than 5 000 views per day. More contributors are posting useful stuff as comments below or emailing me at one or more addresses. I’m bound to miss something. I’m bound to hurt someone’s feelings.

SO: Please send reminders to talkingupreminders@gmail.com if you’ve posted something biggish and serious with links to evidence.

IF you’ve posted something and you’re too modest to claim it should be a new post for max attention you might have to accept the odd bit of unintentional neglect. Don’t!

IF you spot the above happening, step in for the modest and let me know at the email address above. Contrary has done this already. It’s good. Very good. I like it. I do.

DON’T use thoughtcontrolscotland@gmail.com for anything important. It’s a tip or coup.