Scottish Government NOT allowing building on flood plain but anything goes for Tories

In the Guardian today:

One in 10 of all new homes in England since 2013 have been built on land at the highest risk of flooding, official figures reveal, potentially leaving tens of thousands of people in greater danger from extreme winter storms. The number of properties built in these high-risk areas annually has more than doubled in recent years, with more than 84,000 new at-risk homes in total since 2013, according to a Guardian analysis of government data. In the aftermath of the devastating Storms Ciara and Dennis, experts and council leaders have warned that residents are being left at risk in part due to the pressure on local authorities to build thousands of new homes despite a dearth of suitable sites.

Not of course newsworthy in Scotland, based on our MSM coverage, the situation is different here:

As far as flood protection is concerned, unlike in England, the 1 in 200-year standard of protection is ‘universal’ for all new buildings, with a 1,000-year standard for such vulnerable uses as old people’s homes, schools, hospitals etc. In addition, construction in flood hazard areas has almost completely ended. Crichton (2003: 26) estimates that “the active flood management programme currently in progress will result in almost all high-risk properties being protected against the 200-year flood within the next three years, taking climate change into account.” It is also interesting to note that the Scottish Executive grants for flood defences have never been refused on the grounds of budget restraints and there is no rationing of flood defence spending.

It is clear, however, that the more stringent building standards which are applied in Scotland ensure that severe storms result in much less property damage than comparable events in England. Also, the level of flood protection and the commitment of funding to achieve flood protection are higher in Scotland than in England.’

College of Estates Management at:

2 thoughts on “Scottish Government NOT allowing building on flood plain but anything goes for Tories”

  1. I know from personal experience that here in Scotland there is a very heavy burden of proof on applicants for new builds to show that there is negligible risk of flooding . Irksome as this is for land bankers , it affords a degree of protection to householders unknown south of the border .

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  2. Wales has been particularly hard hit but there it is not building in flood plains but in the valleys of Wales which in the current conditions lend themselves to flooding.

    This report – see link below – from CH4 news tonight is heartbreaking but what comes across loud and clear is the near total silence and lack of action from the UK Government. Friends, local communities, councils and Assembly are doing everything they can to help but as the report makes clear the scale of the problem requires the UK Government to act not just in Wales but across the UK to repair the damage but also to try to future proof communities from what will be a continuing and ever more frequent occurrence.

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