Jackson’s first hard sell?

As a panicking Johnson administration in Westminster, thinks of turning to the Chinese to push through the troubled HS2, how will the new Branch Manager in Scotland deal with justified accusations of double-standards. He’ll have sold the odd fast car I’m sure but is he ready for the global political and ethical problems of defending his boss working with the Chinese?

The Scottish Conservatives have tried to paint themselves as a different, more caring, kind of Conservative. We’ve had Miles Briggs asking endless parliamentary questions to show his concern for various disadvantaged groups and Annie Wells fighting to reduce drug deaths. They, surely, will be up all night worrying about human rights in China. I do, wickedly, look forward to Wells saying ‘Uighers’ in Holyrood. Funnily enough, it’s quite close to ‘Weegie’ which she should know well.

Seriously though, the SNP are going to make hay with this, after the Tories joined in with the savaging of their proposed pact with, ironically, China Railway No. 3 Engineering Group, only four years ago and in 2012 accused Alex Salmond of snubbing Scottish steelworkers :


6 thoughts on “Jackson’s first hard sell?

  1. Jaikie Carlot.

    “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss”
    “Get down on your knees and pray, we don’t get fooled again”.

    Tories have voted in the same clown who led then to obliteration in last years General Election.
    More fool them! In fact, fooled twice!

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    1. What new boss?

      BBC website has a news item headed “Scottish Conservatives: Jackson Carlaw succeeds Ruth Davidson as leader”.

      Ruth Davidson is referenced a lavish eight times in a news piece purportedly announcing to the world a ‘new’ SCAUP leader.

      What’s happening in their heads????…..

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      1. And ‘they’ include the ‘progressive’ media like The Guardian, Observer, New Statesman, Prospect, Left Foot Forward, the Labour Party (including the Scottish Branch)

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