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John Robertson

From BBC Health today:

Health officials are urging people to have both parts of the MMR vaccine after cases of mumps in England reached their highest level in a decade. Outbreaks in universities and colleges raised the number of cases of the painful viral illness to 5,042 in 2019 – four times the number in 2018. Most were in young adults who missed out on the MMR jab.


As Scotland’s cleaner hospitals escape, so far, the Norovirus epidemic closing hundreds of  beds across NHS England and as the Coronavirus outbreak fails to spread here, NHS Scotland’s MMR performance may halt the spread of mumps.

The MMR immunisation rate in England has fallen for the fourth year in a row to only 87% with in some areas only 67% vaccinated. This means that even those who have had the MMR twice remain vulnerable because of a lack of ‘herd immunity’ due to so many not having had it and then spreading it.



In Scotland the rate is 97% and has been so for 10 years.

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