Will Mumps epidemic spread from England despite 97% MMR rate here?

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John Robertson

From BBC Health today:

Health officials are urging people to have both parts of the MMR vaccine after cases of mumps in England reached their highest level in a decade. Outbreaks in universities and colleges raised the number of cases of the painful viral illness to 5,042 in 2019 – four times the number in 2018. Most were in young adults who missed out on the MMR jab.


As Scotland’s cleaner hospitals escape, so far, the Norovirus epidemic closing hundreds of  beds across NHS England and as the Coronavirus outbreak fails to spread here, NHS Scotland’s MMR performance may halt the spread of mumps.

The MMR immunisation rate in England has fallen for the fourth year in a row to only 87% with in some areas only 67% vaccinated. This means that even those who have had the MMR twice remain vulnerable because of a lack of ‘herd immunity’ due to so many not having had it and then spreading it.



In Scotland the rate is 97% and has been so for 10 years.



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7 thoughts on “Will Mumps epidemic spread from England despite 97% MMR rate here?

  1. Yes watching the news item on the BBC today which unsurprisingly was all about England I was just waiting to hear of any comparisons to Scotland but als as usual good/better news in Scotland is never given a mention. I was just begiining to think it was the EBC but was rudely awakened to find an extensive interview given to our new Scottish Tory leader who was given free rein to criticise the SNP Scot Government. BTW thanks for taking that item from Ross Brown on board about the the propose Investment Bank which is doomed to fail apparently. Cheers

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  2. “New Tory Leader”. Yes, by popular? acclaim, and the cheers of– literally ten people– ringing in our ears , old lada-man Florid–a Jack is back. Without the “missing” artworks, however.
    The Tories have won an election! Jaikie Carlot came in first!
    Now a quick spin through the car wash, shiny new wheels, one careful Lady driver (tanks and buffalo’s) and away he goes. Jack-flash– Jack the lad– Jumpin’ Jack– Jack sprat—Jack the new flip-flop champ!

    Forget how Jaikie led the sheep to an Euro election debacle.
    Forget how Jaikie led the sheep to a general election catastrophe.

    No–this will be a shiny NEW Scorrish Tory party, and shiny NEW Scorrish policies (thanks Boris) recognised as such by all the gang at Repressing Scotland, the Herod, Hootsmon, Borisgraph, Mail and Suppress.
    He got VERY curt when questioned on News24. Big Beamin’ face ye could fry eggs on.

    A wee question.
    N Ireland got a Secretary of State at the same time as Scotland.
    Julian Smith was a great success, got stuff done, praised by all the N Ireland leaders, yet got canned.
    Alistair Jack has done nothing, made no friends and is a pompous twit, yet survives by doing exactly what he is told.
    Who will have a page in the history books?

    Actually this is a trick question, because Jack may well be the last SoSfS, the very guy who waves Scotland good-bye as we sail off to bask in the sunny uplands of independence.

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  3. On a personal note, I would urge anyone who has not had an MMR jag, or is not sure, get one no matter what your age. Apparently this can mitigate against some of the more serious effects of mumps.
    I caught mumps in my 50s, never having had an MMR jag, and it at least contributed to my deafness, though age is also a factor! Worth avoiding that if you can.

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  4. Can but echo your sentiments there Ann – I succumbed to a (suspected) bout of mumps in my 40’s and it was mightily painful (Had suffered mumps already as an infant as well!).

    Interesting name ‘mumps’ – reckoned to come from ‘mump’ as in ‘a grimace’. Probable common origin with ‘mumble’ – with probable connection with the Dutch word ‘mompen’ = to cheat or deceive. Later the term ‘mumps’ and ‘mumping’ became associated with describing sullen behaviour and silent displeasure.

    Can’t help but wonder if the north british tories haven’t come down with a later life onset case of ‘Political Mumps’ – would certainly explain why ‘Union’ Jacko has appointed Annie Wells as his depute and Rachel Hamilton as tory chairman.

    Bring it on as someone, once, memorably expressed it.

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  5. ‘Etymology’ – now there’s a word with an interesting history!

    Good to see Bernie Sanders’ big bro Larry Sanders bring the Democratic Presidential Nomination campaign to Edinburgh – where welcome support for the rights of the people resident in Scotland to choose their own constitutional future was offered. Larry’s view is that Bernie favours Scottish Indy (of course he does – Bernie’s one of the good guys). Link and snippets below:


    US presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders would be in favour of Scottish independence with Scotland’s political atmosphere “chiming much better” with his world view than the rest of the UK, says his older brother.

    Larry Sanders was in Edinburgh on Thursday to promote the Democrats Abroad Primary – which gives US citizens the chance to vote for the party’s nominee in different countries. (US citizens can vote online or at voting booths set up in Edinburgh and St Andrews between February 18 and March 7.)

    He said: “There’s a much different atmosphere coming from Scotland, not just from the Government but from beyond the Government as well.

    “That chimes in many more ways with Bernard’s world view.”

    When asked about the debate on Scotland’s constitutional future, The Green Party health spokesman claimed his brother would err on the side of self-determination.

    Larry Sanders said a future president Sanders would not interfere in any future referendum on Scotland’s future in the way President Barack Obama did in 2014.


  6. My sympathies annraynet, I too never had the MMR (circumstance, said my mum, I had a cold when it was due and we lived 15 miles away with no transport, but my older sister had got it – luckily for her!) and had mumps when I was wee – still remember it despite my bad memory, because it was so horrible, though when I was mostly better I did manage to get out of eating burnt mince (blech) because it was ‘too scratchy’ (and pudding was still a goer). Even worse was having measles as a teenager: I don’t remember that so well as I was so out of it for days, I remember physically not being able to get out of bed at the start, then it’s a haze for a few days, hardly able to breathe or move, then only being able to sip on lettuce soup for the next few days (mum admits to being very worried at the time, though no doctor was called out!). Ahhhh, them were the days,,,

    Anyway, on to more entertaining things: I’ve already stated my concern about uk gov’t in Scotland propaganda ads being shown at cinemas (and we get the privilege of paying for it too – oh how I love irony, we are so blessed to be in this wondrous and fruitful Union of,,, not equals of course, we could never live ‘up’ to their standards), and here is a preview of one:


    The video is embedded in the tweet so it has to be a link – worth a watch, it’s incredibly well done, though be careful it doesn’t influence you 🙂

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