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Sometimes I look for the worst image I can find. Other times I don’t bother.

In the Herald today, Murdo ‘Queen’s Eleven’ Fraser’s rubbish complaint gets the usual frontpage treatment regardless of how rubbish it is, again.

As always, the Scottish Tories try to distance themselves from the brutality of their Westminster bosses, but they’re fooling no one. On the matter of rubbish, here’s a wee reminder of how Tory ministers are ‘under fire’:

Council cuts due to austerity ‘twice as deep’ in England as rest of Britain, study: English local authorities have slashed services on average by 24 per cent – compared to 12 per cent in Wales and 11.5 per cent in Scotland


In real terms, spending on waste collection in England has fallen by 17% since 2010-11, figures show.


Just put it in the landfill bin.