Hah! Tory attacks SNP funding of recycling while other Tories slash funding in England

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In the Herald today, Murdo ‘Queen’s Eleven’ Fraser’s rubbish complaint gets the usual frontpage treatment regardless of how rubbish it is, again.

As always, the Scottish Tories try to distance themselves from the brutality of their Westminster bosses, but they’re fooling no one. On the matter of rubbish, here’s a wee reminder of how Tory ministers are ‘under fire’:

Council cuts due to austerity ‘twice as deep’ in England as rest of Britain, study: English local authorities have slashed services on average by 24 per cent – compared to 12 per cent in Wales and 11.5 per cent in Scotland


In real terms, spending on waste collection in England has fallen by 17% since 2010-11, figures show.


Just put it in the landfill bin.

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11 thoughts on “Hah! Tory attacks SNP funding of recycling while other Tories slash funding in England

  1. Wish someone from the SNP would jump in as soon as these Tory ramblings appear and rectify these statements . Said it before , the SNP are far , far too slow to react, just as well we have you John , once again thank you for all your hard work , think you will be claiming Wings spot soon ! .


    1. How do you know they don’t jump in immediately to rebut these, and other claims? It is quite likely that the MSM would not report them or only do so at the end of a very long article by which point most people have already given up reading and just go with the headline.

      We have to be the rebuttal iunit. Goodness knows this site gives us enough information to make a pretty good first of it and we have access to the media via below the line comments that the SG does not have. The online Herald etc need clicks on their site to boost ad income so let’s use that to our advantage to get info out to all the people who access these sites, read the comments but never comment themselves.

      The Unionists have the green ink brigade. Time we had the tartan ink brigade.

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    1. That depends on whether you speak for everyone or not,,, 😉

      I find Wings constant use of ‘we’ irritating, who is ‘we’? Take an example of ‘We believe that,,,’ , if it’s an opinion it’s got to be your own unless you are declaring a group policy? So a judicious use of ‘we’ would be appreciated, by me anyway!

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      1. Cool, so *we* are all in agreement then? 😀 (might as well laugh at my own jokes, no one else gets irony)

        Gosh it’s been years since I’ve been to the horseshoe bar! What’s it like these days?

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  2. Still shaped like a horseshoe

    Dundee city council have started charging for one of the five differently coloured bins they collect the others continue to be met by council tax.
    The new charge is for brown bins, garden waste , £34 a year , it’s voluntary , you can always burn your leaves or compost it .
    £34 a year ,worth it for me.


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