Bookies’ favourite for Scottish Ambassador to Gibraltar?

Ludo Thierry

The European Parliament has voted overwhelmingly to support Spain’s ‘veto’ over any Brexit agreement regarding the EU, the UK and Gibraltar. Making friends and influencing people is surely the Ukanian way. Link and snippets below:

The Spanish MEP Esteban Gonzalez Pons has told the European Parliament that Spain will defend its own priorities post-Brexit including the ‘decolonisation of Gibraltar’. This comes as the European Parliament today voted to support a Resolution on the EU’s future relationship with the UK which includes Spain’s right to veto any agreement between the EU and the UK over Gibraltar. This formed part of the text embracing the key positions of EU Chief Negotiator Michel Barnier.

In the first plenary session since the UK left the EU, the remaining 27 members set out their demands ahead of talks on the future UK-EU relationship.

Spanish MEP Esteban Gonzalez Pons predictably wasted no time in the EU’s plenary session to call for the decolonisation of Gibraltar and to remind his fellow MEPs that Brexit means Brexit.

The European Parliament voted overwhelmingly in favour of the resolution on the package of measures, which includes a paragraph upholding its veto over Gibraltar in future negotiations. 543 voted in favour, 39 against, and 69 abstained.