Scottish noMedia's farcical journalism should be a bridge too far

Headlining the Herald and Scotsman today and repeated for them on their associated broadcaster, as real news of winter weather across the country affects millions, is what would be in a normal country’s transport section news.

In Denmark, Öresund bridge, linking TWO countries was shut in January 2019 also due to risk of falling ice but got only the most mundane factual reporting, :

Yesterday, in England, the closure of the Severn Bridge, linking TWO countries, went unreported by national news and FIVE bridges shut across England merited no national news reporting:

West Bridgeford Wire: Storm Ciara: Several road bridges closed across the UK

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7 thoughts on “Scottish noMedia's farcical journalism should be a bridge too far

  1. It’s an outrage, chaos on the roads, poor drivers have to drive an extra 35mile diversion etc from the radio,,, someone on Twitter mentioned that BBC online report on that terrible bridge was in the politics section – is that true? I’m not looking.

    (Corona virus, polo lounge vandalism, White House stuff, Aberdeen Provost CONVICTED of sexual assault not stepping down, people are going for cheaper energy suppliers. These are the headlines on the radio. Oh and the bridge!)

    What they are NOT mentioning is the battle that SNPWestminster are doing in HoC to get the Scotvisa idea past any kind of reading:

    A few politicians are tweeting like mad on this. I think the time of selling outrage at how badly we are treated is past, they are on to a hiding to nothing – with it being their main strategy for changing minds (on independence) anyway – I’m still impressed that they are working hard to try and get us decent treatment. But if it’s not reported in the media, it’s just not going to create outrage, they are relying on a wholly unreliable medium to advertise something.

    The radio also has not mentioned Independence at all. I’d prefer to at least hear them keep mentioning it. But, I don’t control the media. Bridges bridges bridges, I just didn’t realise it was such headline public interest news – they are discussing structural international engineering and promoting obscure specialist books on the subject!

    What I can’t quite get my head around, is that we are all evil for driving cars and polluting the place, but then there is outrage at a road (car) bridge being closed.

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  2. Here is an interesting article on Richard Murphy’s blog on Independence and the SNP

    I’m not going to agree or disagree with his viewpoint on this, I would need to think further on it – I have much respect for Prof Murphy and he is very very intelligent person, but do not necessarily agree with his political opinions! He has, however, come along leaps and bounds in his understanding of the Scottish situation in the last year or so, and I this this is a fairly measured opinion.

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  3. “Farcial Journalism” as they are not telling their audience / readers of the other UK wide bridge closures. They are not “informing” , then it’s not journalism. . . . . So what is it? And what is a suitable job title for the practitioners.


  4. More signs of desperation from our media chums?

    A bridge is a road, in this case over very open water, and despite our best efforts roads sometimes have to be closed for routine maintenance or, as in this case for exceptional weather conditions. The Queensferry Crossing has not failed – it has been shut for safety reasons.

    Do the masterminds of the Scottish media think that the new bridge should have been left open so that drivers could ‘take their chances’ on getting over without mishap? Or do they suffer from a reflex that since this is an SNP structure it must be, by definition,a bad one and condemned out of hand?

    Sheer stupidity, partisan, and vicious, masquerading as journalism…..

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