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Ludo Thierry

Meanwhile all the braw Scottish wind is keeping the windfarms turning away. STV News is carrying an interesting item on the Community payments from the various Community sustainable energy projects in Scotland having passed the £20M payments (in 12 months) milestone. Not just producing sustainable energy but also bringing much needed community funds into locations that can find plenty of good uses for it.

(Remember – the large increase in Community green energy projects became possible due to the SNP Scottish Govt expending considerable political energy over a prolonged period to foster the necessary engineering, planning, project management and financial skills bases to enable these projects to be successfully commissioned.)

Couldn’t find the same good news story being carried on beeb Scotland pages – I wonder why not? Link and snippets below:

Green energy projects pay out more than £20m in 12 months

Local communities have received more than £20m in payouts from green energy projects over a year in Scotland for the first time.

The payments from projects such as wind farms amounted to a total of £20,507,747 in 2019.

More than 240 renewable energy schemes are now paying out to local communities, with the cash going to schemes that help tackle fuel poverty, improve transport and improve green spaces.

Local Energy Scotland, which keeps a register of community benefits, hailed the “milestone” total, with payments topping £20m for the first time.

Chris Morris, Local Energy Scotland manager, said: “We know that community benefits make a real and transformational difference to communities and it’s great to see this landmark milestone being reached.

“The amount of benefit that these payments offer really goes to show their worth.”

Beeb Scotland do carry minimal info regarding farmed salmon producer Mowi (previously known as Marine Harvest) reporting that the commissioning phase of its large new fish feed plant, at Kyleakin on the Isle of Skye, is nearing its conclusion, with production already of 23,000 tonnes. (But – you will have to search hard to find it).