Massive amounts of Salmon and Whisky exported via Heathrow

Ludo Thierry

BBC Scotland are reporting latest HMRC figures which note quite remarkably strong export figures for both Scottish Salmon and Scotch Whisky (obviously the Brexit effect remains a major concern for the future – but prime Scottish produce is attracting significant global export markets right now). Too wee, too poor, too stupid etc. Link and snippets below:

Scottish exports of whisky and salmon both grew strongly last year, according to new figures.HMRC statistics showed sales of Scotch overseas grew by 4.4% to £4.91bn, with growth seen in more than 100 of its global markets.Salmon exports reached a record £618m, a 22% increase on the previous year, while the tonnage exported rose by 26% to more than 94,000 tonnes. For Scottish salmon, France emerged as the largest market in 2019, with sales worth £221m, for the third year running.It was followed by USA (£179m), and China (£59m). The EU accounted for 56% of the volume of global Scottish salmon exports and 52% of the value.In total, 17 of the top 20 overseas markets showed positive growth in 2019. For Scotch, export growth was driven in particular in Asia and Africa, with value increases of 9.8% and 11.3% respectively.The US remained the industry’s most valuable market last year, increasing in value by 2.7% to just over £1bn.


There was a 3 part series on the BBC in Sept 2019 – ‘What Britain buys and sells in a year’s. It was made in conjunction with the Open University which may account for some of its surprising honesty about the importance of exports from Scotland such as salmon and shellfish which formed the content of the first programme. It was repeated several times throughout that first programme that Scottish salmon was the UK’s top food export. Worth watching if you can find



Here is a clip from the programme. About 10 min long it deals with salmon exports via Heathrow

For Heathrow, substitute Prestwick after independence or indeed any Scottish airport with long haul flights.

terence callachan

These budget increases are really good, much much higher that anyone would have expected and given to important departments too , important for our young people , the people that will make Scotland in future. Well done Scottish government.

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7 thoughts on “Massive amounts of Salmon and Whisky exported via Heathrow

  1. And, of course, such exports are credited as ‘London’ exports and so do not appear as pluses on the Scotland credit sheet. It is on ‘anomalies’ like these that the GERS figures rest. Not that the Scottish media will ever point this out. The SG ‘produces’ GERS, doncha know?

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      1. I believe that it is part of the devolved responsibilities, but, it has to be prepared in strict accordance with the ‘rules’.

        This means that Westminster and their media lackeys can say that these are the “SG’s own figures”.

        It is the same kind of chicanery as was used when target-setting was instituted in Scotland’s schools. Each school was provided with a set of data covering, if I remember correctly, the previous three years of the scores for the school in the various areas to be targeted. We were then given a set of instructions (‘advisory guidelines – mandatory’) which we had to follow exactly to ‘set’ what the target was for the following session. It was a purely mechanical process, which assumed that there was a linear progression year on year. Schools were allowed to vary this in the light of ‘local circumstances’, but this had to be approved by HMI and was, invariably, rejected.

        When HMI were interviewed they always began by saying, “Now these are targets which schools themselves have set.” Thus, schools had no excuses for not achieving these targets!


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