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Mr Richard Guy Thomas Stenhouse pops up regularly in the Herald. He’s a hard man to find a photo of. That might not be him above. Stenhouse holds 5 appointments at 5 active companies, has resigned from 30 companies and held 12 appointments at 12 dissolved companies.

He appears to be a climate emergency denier.

Pre-election 2019 he was an Indyref2 mandate-denier. Maybe he has changed his mind now?

He seems to be a sort-of Boris-supporter.

Now he thinks Scottish business folk want us to stop talking about independence. Does anyone seriously believe that we should hold back now just because some businesses, not all, fear a bit of temporary uncertainty?

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5 thoughts on “Mysterious Herald writer of tosh writes more

  1. If that photo isn’t of Richard Guy Stenhouse then it certainly ought to be. Boris supporting, climate change denying democratic mandate for Indyref refuse-niks frequently seem to have that sort of ‘style’ about them.

    Presumably Richard Guy Stenhouse is cheering SNP Scottish Govt to the rafters today following the highly encouraging Scottish economic info (pretty much across the board) carried on beeb Scotland economics page today. Link and snippets below: (Wonderful to observe the boost to the confidence of Scottish business conferred by the SNP overwhelming victory in the December Westminster elections – 80% of constituencies won and the prospect of Indyref 2 being jump-started has clearly improved Scottish business sentiment despite months of relentless Boris fug).

    Output from Scotland’s private sector picked up last month after stalling at the end of 2019, according to a regular business survey.

    The latest Royal Bank of Scotland purchasing managers index (PMI) found the “modest” expansion was driven in part by an increase in new business.

    It also recorded a “mild” rise in workforce numbers.

    The index, which measures manufacturing and service sector output, reached a 14-month high of 52.0 in January.
    Any figure above 50 suggests expansion.

    By sector, service providers recorded an eighth successive monthly rise in activity, with growth quickening from December.

    Meanwhile, output continued to fall in the manufacturing segment, although the decline was only fractional overall.

    RBS Scotland board chairman Malcolm Buchanan said: “Positively, firms’ output expectations for the coming 12 months strengthened in January, with respondents linking confidence to a clearer outlook and hopes of improved demand conditions.

    “Moreover, the level of positive sentiment was the highest since March 2019.”

    The survey is the latest sign of improving business sentiment about the economy.

    Last week, a quarterly monitor by the Fraser of Allander Institute suggested the strongest outlook for business activity, investment and employment for six years.

    And a monthly survey of Scottish recruitment specialists found permanent hiring was up sharply last month, with starting pay also rising.

    Doubtless Mr. S will be sending in his membership cheque any day now?

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  2. Bitter Together rides again. Link and snippet below: (Corbynite labour candidate in December – Johnsonian tory in February – and they wonder why folks laugh in scorn?):

    A FORMER Labour candidate left party members stunned this weekend after she defected to the Conservatives.

    Faten Hameed, who twice stood for Jeremy Corbyn’s party in Glasgow Central, was pictured this weekend being welcomed to the Scottish Tory “family”.

    Less than two months ago, Labour supporters flooded the streets of the constituency, knocking on doors, delivering leaflets, and urging voters to back Hameed in the General Election.

    One of those leaflets had the candidate saying:”If Labour wins Glasgow, Labour forms the next government. Vote Labour to get rid of the Tories.”

    But yesterday Tory councillor Thomas Kerr took to Twitter and posted a picture of Hameed at a gathering with former party leader Annabel Goldie.

    “Honoured to welcome Faten Hameed to @ScotTories family” he tweeted, “As a former Labour candidate Faten knows we’re the only party that’ll beat the SNP and move Scotland forward.”

    SNP MP Alison Thewliss said the switch was “astonishing”.

    She said: “In December, Faten Hameed stood on a Labour manifesto, said the Tories would ‘only look after the privileged few’, that she’d oppose Brexit and campaign to remain.”

    During the election campaign, Flora Scarabello, the Tory candidate in Glasgow Central was suspended by her party for using “anti-Muslim language”.

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  3. Bit early for any of Johnson’s troops to get ‘restive’ but noticed this piece on Stephen Crabb (tory MP for Preseli, former tory Secretary for wales and very recently elected (salaried) chairman of Welsh Affairs committee. (In the day he was also Baroness Ruth von Rape Clause’s preferred choice as Cameron’s successor – but that idea soon got ditched!) Anyway – Mr. Crabb seems prepared to point out that EVEL isn’t having quite the effect the Ukanian’s claimed for it. Link and snippets below:

    English votes for English laws makes Welsh MPs feel like “second-class” politicians, a former Welsh Secretary has said.

    Stephen Crabb said excluding MPs from Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland from certain votes had not “done anything” to strengthen the UK.

    Plaid Cymru and the Scottish National Party protested after they were blocked from voting on an “English-only” NHS bill.

    “It hasn’t really strengthened the glue that holds the United Kingdom together.”

    Mr Crabb said the rule was “bizarre”.

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