95 000!!! We have work to do.

From reader, Contrary:

I’ve been hearing more and more about the ‘UK government in Scotland’ spending huge amounts on media, so took a look at their Twitter account:


And goodness is it not all full of Bitter Together propaganda, the RAF video repeats the phrase ‘uk airspace’ so many times they can barely fit any other words in – the key point the guy seemed to be making was that Moray was a good ‘strategic location’ (glad you find use of our land handy, mate), and they didn’t mention all the hundreds of army and RAF bases they’d shut down throughout Scotland, but it’s all good for Scotland because the families occasionally go to the local shops. The ‘UK seas’ one, well that was pretty woolly, we have a lot of sea in the UK,,, they say, and it’s all great because we are Bitter Together, super glad you like having control over all our sea mate. And of course the ones where they claim Scotland is subsidised by England/UK so we NEED them, oh dear. Sure, enjoy all your asset-stripping so you can magnanimously hand a tiny portion back, thanks, really appreciated by us all, oorah bitter together.

I think they’ve done this to counter SNP tweeting of positive things for Scotland, even though they appear to have difficulty even mentioning Scotland except in a derisory manner – nothing new. I doubt it will ever have near the same effect as our usual media outlets anyway.

More on the spend here:

Part-time Junior Assistant Imperial Master’s communications team costs rise by 8 times in only 8 years! https://talkingupscotlandtwo.com/2020/01/16/part-time-junior-assistant-imperial-masters-communications-team-costs-rise-by-8-times-in-only-8-years/

And the SNP Government ‘getting on with things’ stuff is here: