From Personal well-being in the UK: April 2018 to March 2019 Estimates of life satisfaction, feeling that the things done in life are worthwhile, happiness and anxiety at the UK, country, regional, county and local authority level, it is apparent that average levels of anxiety are falling faster in Scotland than in England and Wales while rising dramatically in Northern Ireland.

While such changes will have complex explanations, it is tempting to see at least some evidence in them of Scots benefitting from the more inclusive and caring policies of their government and from the lower levels of poverty associated with easier access to affordable housing reported today by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation. As for the Northern Irish, might the increasing worries around the restoration of a hard border, that were spreading around then (Spring 2019), have been a major factor in the greater anxieties suggested there? 

The regional data on four aspects of well-being are particularly interesting with three of the ‘best’ four areas in Scotland:

The co-existence of high levels of positive feeling along with a high level of anxiety in Orkney in contrast with that in Western Isles is beyond my psychology unless it’s the whisky?