NHS Scotland A&E performance more than 15% better than Tory-run NHS England

During December 2019 in NHS Scotland:

83.8% of attendances at A&E services were seen and resulted in a subsequent admission, transfer or discharge within 4 hours.


During December 2019, in NHS England Type 1 (full) A&E departments:

68.6% were seen within 4 hours. *Remember, NHS England starts the clock again after transfer to a department for treatment so this figure is generous.


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10 thoughts on “NHS Scotland A&E performance more than 15% better than Tory-run NHS England

  1. The news bulletin on the BBC Radio 4 PM programme tonight reported that Scotland’s A&E Waiting Time performance against the 4 hour target is now at an all time low.

    Surprise, surprise – the PM editors chose to report on the disappointing ALL Sites performance for December 2019 but (a) failed to make the crucial distinction between All Sites and Main Sites; (b) opted to ignore the recent publication of more favourable, improving waiting time performance since December of the MAIN Sites in Scotland; and of course (c) once again failed to provide any context for what would be a UK-wide but largely English audience, notably context provided by the just 68% NHS England figure for the four hour waiting time performance of its Type 1 (i.e. Main) A&E sites compared to the c.80% and above in Scotland.

    I decided to ‘annoy’ BBC Complaints (again) on this issue but of course without expectation!

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  2. Stewartb- good on ye getting in a complaint! It would be nice to be able to muster some outrage, but they wear you down until the outrageous becomes mundane, and the mundane becomes complacency. Every spark of determination like this is about wearing them down right back.

    I don’t know if anyone follows or has watched any of Michael Spicer ‘the room next door’ video clips, but they can be quite amusing, so as light entertainment here is one he did for Pritti Patel, ken while she’s being strong on something of other – well, she doesn’t know herself so why should I bother to remember – and it’s showing a good example of the sharp incisive questioning we’ve come to expect from the media. Actually, I find it disturbing that people are voting for this kind of dimwittedness – really, these people are making laws, just not with their own brains obviously.


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  3. John, I’ve just had a great idea, why don’t you run ‘Interlude’ articles every now and again with just a choice quote from some of gavin’s comments, some of them are very entertaining and I’m sure could be used inappropriately.

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    1. Okay, how about something like this:


      A quote from one of gavin’s comments says:

      ““Bring it on” Wendy blurted out–just before being stabbed in the back by her brother( on the orders of the aforementioned Gordon?). Carlaw and Broonie—whit a double act! BRING IT ON!”

      Can you guess the subject it alludes to?

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      1. Well.

        That’s the point. It’s a challenging, and fun, quiz. Surely,,,
        I’m a bit suspicious that you don’t always read all our fabulous comments now,,,

        I’m guessing I get double SFA for that one?


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